♣ Wardrobe post 2015 ♣

My 2014's wardrobe post is here~
Wardrobe post is a great way to know your wardrobe better, and also take some time to admire your frills ♡
It made my realise that I still have too much black clothes, and no outer for my lighter clothes. But other than that, I'm quite satisfied !

Innocent World - Antique Buckle JSK

Innocent World - Acanthus JSK

Innocent World - Iris JSK

Innocent World - Iris JSK (floral)

Victorian Maiden - Fairy Doll Dress

Bodyline Floral JSK

Bodyline Floral JSK
Métamorphose temps de fille - Gobelin bouquet print JSK
Mademoiselle R (french brand)

Innocent World - Rose jacquard JSK with pearls


Victorian Maiden - Frill Ribbon Puff Sleeve Blouse

Innocent World - Original Rose Lace Square Blouse
Innocent World

Innocent World


Victorian Maiden - Elegant Lace Ribbon Bolero
Mary Magdalene
Innocent World


Moi-même-Moitié - Gathered Frill Bustle Skirt
Innocent World - Triple Stripe Skirt

Bodyline floral skirt

Bodyline floral skirt


Victorian Maiden - Intuck Sleeve Lady Jacket

Victorian Maiden - Swallowtail short coat

Top: Innocent World - Loris
Bottom: Métamorphose temps de fille - Innocent World

My Innocent World Angel jewerly collection ♡

Top: Both are Innocent World
Bottom: Calzedonia - Victorian Maiden


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